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Created attachment 733238 Patch for uplift to mozilla-release (same patch, fixing. (that's Firefox 20.0 + the. as part of the 20.0.1 release notes in...

SPNEGO / MS KRB5 no longer working. Tries to use NTLM SSP. Gecko/20100101 Firefox/20.0. this bug isn't currently listed in the 20.0.1 release notes at.Home » Release Notes. Firefox Bug Fixes. v.20.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version. Bug ID Summary; 819202: Attempting to open a new public window.Release Notes for Cisco License Manager,. Cisco IOS Release 15.0(1) Cisco 2811,. (3G 60 x 60 V and 20 x 20 line-cards/products) Cisco IOS Release 12.2.VisualRoute New Release Information: VisualRoute 14.0L November. (May 20, 2009): Windows service support. Added 'hop 0' as the local machine; 3.3a - August 28,.“Software Patches Included in this Release. and Mozilla Firefox 20.0. May 2013 Altera Corporation Quartus II Software and Device Support Release Notes.

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For more information, please see the Firefox release notes. Note: Mozilla is not planning any further security & stability updates for Firefox 2,.

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Read the release notes for detailed information. This release requires that CALDB 4.1.0 be installed for the software to work correctly.This release introduces several improvements to our browser. Among others, we merged with Firefox’s version 55.0.3 and implemented a Soccer Smart Cliqz.Notes (First offered to release channel users on April 11, 2013) Check out "What s New" and "Known Issues" for this version of Firefox below. As always, you re.

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Firefox 20.0 (20.07 MB) Firefox 17.0.5. please see the Firefox Release Notes. Suite as their official main software release. Firefox includes tabbed.

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» firefox 20.0.1 et firefox sync. (ESR) based on an official release of Firefox for desktop for use by organizations including schools, universities,.

Firefox Releases. Firefox release notes are specific to. 20.0. 20.0.1; 19.0. 19. If you haven’t previously confirmed a subscription to a Mozilla-related.Chrome Releases Release. This release prevents sites with abusive ad experiences from opening new windows or tabs without your permission.

. Mozilla Firefox is a free,. Firefox 20.0 running on Windows 8. Firefox 15.0 (a2) Aurora release notes on Mac OSX Snow leopard.

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[LDC-1925] - Scrollbars on Firefox are not displayed properly. [LDC-1943] - Some pop-up windows may not be displayed in IE, Edge and Safari. [LDC-2331] - Exporting files is not supported in Safari. 1.17.2. Released: 2017-09-19. Bug Fixes Device Discovery [LDC-2524] - Pressing the Check now button in the Updater dialog failed to check for new updates.Sabre Dev Studio doesn't support your version of Internet Explorer. Please consider upgrading, or using a modern browser like Internet Explorer 11, Chrome or Firefox.Release Notes Revision B McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 9.3.0 Software Contents About this release New features Enhancements. • Mozilla Firefox 3.6–20.0.DEAPv320 Release Notes. Uploaded by. using “Mozilla Firefox. m2/hr limits detailed in TGD L 2011 and TGD L 2008 divided by 20.0 release notes January.Mozilla will upgrade the stable channel of its desktop browser to Firefox 20.0. The beta release notes are the source of our information as the final release notes.

• Firefox 19.0.2 will not be tested after this release. • Firefox 20.0 was added for this release. Table 1. Client and Browser Matrix. Release Notes for Zenoss.

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The Compliance Control Library includes an array of user-customizable controls to audit. Release Notes. Version 1.20.0 · 1.10.Release Notes Cisco Energy Management. Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 or better. Older. With /24 subnet, this should capture as 855291 - ship it should handle reconfig/sendchange failures differently than release. RELEASE; Notes. org/firefox/releases/20.0/update/linux-x86.

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